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Rental terms (as of August 2015)

Points to note when applying

  • Depending on the reservation status and maintenance status, reservations may not be accepted for some dates.

  • Generally, musical instruments do not come with mallets or sticks, but some instruments do. (Bass drum, gong, chime, etc.) We will confirm details at the time of quotation.

  • Once you request a quote, your reservation will be temporarily reserved. If you wish to cancel, please be sure to contact us.

  • Transportation is basically done here. (Additional charges apply) If you wish to do it yourself, please contact us as we may allow you to do so with some conditions. Please also note that if you transport the item yourself, you will not be compensated at all.


Things to note on the day of rental

  • If transportation becomes difficult due to unavoidable circumstances (natural disasters, etc.), or if your event is canceled for that reason, we may cancel your reservation after consultation. In that case, neither party will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • Although we take every possible measure to transport the goods, we will not be held liable if the delivery is delayed due to the same reason as above.

  • Staff will be on hand to transport the instrument, but most instruments are quite heavy and require manpower. Thank you for your assistance. If you are unable to help, we will provide staff, but additional charges will apply.

Regarding cancellation fees

13 days ago - 20% of the total amount

 1 week before  30% of the total amount

The day before
50% of the total amount

On the day
full amount

There will be no cancellation fee if you cancel up to 14 days in advance, but please contact us as soon as you know.

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